I’m a barbaric tea-drinker, steeping my PG Tips to mahogany, nuking the cup back to warmth, a dash of sugar, milk, how happy I am to unfold the morning, like newspaper sections, January frost jagged white as cracked glass, wishing I weren’t counting days.


a quadrille written for dVerse.


23 thoughts on “January

  1. Ditto on Frank’s comment. Plus “Jagged white as cracked glass.” Very nice. You seem to be writing up a storm lately. 😉

  2. You had me at PG Tips. I love the “barbaric tea-drinker” phrase. I’m such a tea snob I have to have mine imported from England two boxes at a time.

      1. I first had it at my aunt and uncle’s house and was instantly converted. It got even better when I ordered it from England through Amazon. Mmm… I’m about to go make some.

      2. I drink it in the summer when it’s pushing 100, but isn’t that steaming cup of PG Tips extra nice on these cold winter days? I sound like a commercial.

      3. Yes. I drink it all year. Several cups a day, the stronger than better. Unfortunately I find that before I can finish a cup lately it’s gone cold. 🙁 nuking device!

      4. I find that it’s stronger after it’s gone cold, and I reheat it. When I have lunch, I make it first and reheat and drink it after.

      5. Yeah. One time, I burned my mom’s tea pot beyond repair. I’ve only microwaved since. I’m tempted to try again, though. There’s something about a tea pot that adds to the experience.

      6. I have never heard of that. Are you messing with me? I am culinarily challenged. I’ve had beverages boil over in the microwave. One time, my roommate got spaghetti sauce on the ceiling, but that wasn’t microwave related. Another time, a bottle of grape juice fermented, exploded, and shot across the room like a rocket. 🍾The ceiling looked like a horror movie. I had to repaint it. We still find dried grape juice on and behind things. I have never heard of water exploding in the microwave. 🌋

      7. I watched a Mythbusters video that said it happens with distilled water due to it not having any imperfections, so it doesn’t boil. Tap water boils since it has imperfections. I’ve never heard of that before. That’s interesting.

        I wrote a joke a while ago about how lazy we are. Poker’s a sport? There’s one part about spending ridiculous amounts of money on coffee. “My culinary expertise maxes out at toast, but I can make coffee.”

  3. As an avid tea-drinker, I LOVE PG tips but they are not always available here in Canada. It is hit or miss. This was a spunky little quadrille! Thanks for joining in. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mish! 🙂
      As for PG Tips, you can buy them in the stories here, but they’re exorbitant. I get them from Amazon and they’re sent from the UK and are cheaper. I’ve also heard that they taste better than the ones sold in the US stores.

  4. This is January exactly! Frost jagged white, cracked glass, counting days- so vivid and clear. Loving my belated quadrille trail finishing. So well done.

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