And Then There Was Silence

On Monday my internet service provider went down–all day–which is why the microcosm was very quiet on Monday except for posts that I had previously scheduled.

With the internet outage, I also didn’t have any TV, which isn’t a big deal for me. The big deal for me was the silence. I didn’t have my background music. Nothing to listen to as I washed dishes or did any other mundane tasks. And all that Alexa could tell me was: “I’m having trouble understanding right now.” Me too. Finally, I decided I needed to hear a few notes and used my smartphone.

The strange conclusion at the end of the day was that I didn’t miss the internet as much as I thought I might, which just goes to show that I actually lived in a time when the internet did not exist.

And, I missed my Music Monday post. Must schedule these in advance. It’s not like Monday is going to stop being Monday. I hope.

The Year of the Pig landed with more roller coaster weather. Last week it was 8 or 9F and yesterday it was 74F. Just to prove I am never satisfied (wink, wink), I decided it was too hot when I was sitting outside. I could have put shorts on but it’s freaking February, notoriously the coldest month in DC. I’m sure there are style standards in place. No white after Labor Day. No shorts in February. No complaining about it being too hot in February.

It’s cooler today. Warmer tomorrow and then 50 degrees colder over the weekend. And by Monday, I will have whiplash.

Right now, I feel good and optimistic and don’t mind that the clouds have rolled in and that it might rain on me, Scout, and Sophie Stella as we take our walk. Life is good.

I shall stop rambling now, but will leave you with a rambling song:


6 thoughts on “And Then There Was Silence

    1. Doesn’t it? I happened to hear the closing credits of that new Sarah Jessica Parker show (was it last year) and they were playing This Ole Cowboy. I’d forgotten how much I loved their songs.

  1. No internet? I’m glad to see you survived. That’s how the zombie apocalypse will commence.

    That could be a good thing. There would be fewer distractions while writing. Until you need to look up something. Then… ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!

    1. Exactly why I’ve thought a writer’s retreat would be a good thing…if there was no internet. Not so sure that I’d like the zombie apocalypse though. (I actually have a t-shirt that has zombie apawcalypse on it with a dog.–nerd alert!)

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