#SoCS Gotta Love Them Adverbs…or not?

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Stream of Consciousness Saturday. If you’d like to give it a try, click here for the instructions, and happy writing!

Really? I think. “-ly” words, the supposed bane of a writer’s existence. Write stream-of-conscious with the adverbs? The one’s we’re told are poison? Delete all of those unruly words, immediately. Don’t let them thrive, consider their demise, ultimately. Probably, I should. Except, I like probably, insanely, and . . . beautifully, especially when I think of nature and poems. Sometimes it feels like most of my writing is stream-of-consciousness, letting the words fly, letting the probablies lie, where they might. I think I have a tiny crush on adverbs, really.

2 thoughts on “#SoCS Gotta Love Them Adverbs…or not?

  1. I like adverbs as well. Writing without them seems sparse and barren. But like sugar and fat, adverbs in moderation.

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