Music Monday, You’re the One by Greta Van Fleet

Music Monday is a meme started by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Pick a song you really like and share it.


I saw the name “Greta Van Fleet” floating around the internet long before I heard one of their songs, mostly in conjunction with how they were trying to imitate Led Zeppelin. Because I’d never seen a picture of them, I wondered how a woman/bunch of women were imitating Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant’s beautiful bounty of blond curls?

A few weeks ago a song came on the radio and I immediately thought it had a Rolling Stones vibe going on. It turned out that it was Greta Van Fleet singing “You’re the One.” The song got stuck in my head, especially with the radio playing it every few hours. It’s a good song, but it was hard to find a video as good as the recorded version because the harmonies get a little boisterous (read: wandering off-tune) in some of the live versions. This one is probably a little too subdued. Poor singer used to bouncing around a stage has to sit on a stool. (Kind of reminds me of Pearl Jam’s Unplugged concert with the inimitable Eddie Vedder (cute as all get-out) confined to a stool. (And, yes, all roads inevitably lead to Eddie Vedder 😉 .)

If you go Youtubing and listen to some of Greta Van Fleet’s other music, they do definitely pay homage to Led Zeppelin. They’re a good, young band. Hopefully they’ll write better lyrics in the future than are in this song…but the music is good.

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