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Romancing His Rival (Accidentally Yours Book 3) by [Shirk, Jennifer]

Romancing His Rival

Jennifer Shirk

February 11, 2019

Entangled Bliss

Blurb: Hopeless romantic Elena Mason doesn’t often hate people, but she hates her ex-fiancé’s insufferable best man, Lucas Albright III. She just knows Lucas is the one who talked her ex out of getting married—so Lucas is clearly the cause of all her problems.

And now she’s expected to work with him? Oh, heck no.

Lucas Albright wants nothing more than to make partner at his advertising firm, and he knows he works best alone. But then Elena ends up as his partner on an account that could win him a promotion. He had a great reason to end her engagement, not that she’d ever believe him. Still, he’s willing to try working as a team.

Unfortunately, his new “partner” wants him dead.

Elena knows she’s going to have to give in and work with her nemesis, though nobody said it had to be easy for him. But what happens when fighting starts feeling a whole lot like falling in love?


Romancing His Rival by Jennifer Shirk is a cute, fast-reading romance in which Elena has been ditched by her fiance, Scott, because of something his best man, Lucas, said regarding marriage.

The first chapter has Elena and Lucas ending up snowed in for a night with Elena realizing that Lucas may not be the devil incarnate. It’s a fun scene and really foreshadows all of the awakenings Elena will have through the course of the novel.

While I really enjoyed the novel, I wasn’t thrilled with Elena’s perception that she needed Scott to make her happy, that he was the end-all, that her life wouldn’t be complete without him in it so that she could emulate her parents’ romantic happiness. I was disappointed by her not realizing that she didn’t need anyone other than herself to make her happy and not being more thrilled by a huge opportunity to pursue her art. In this way, Romancing His Rival read more like a novel from a few decades ago in which the heroine only wanted to get married.

However, if you disregard that bit of anachronism, the rest of the novel is enjoyable. It’s light on heat for those of you for whom that’s important. It’s well-written and there’s character development with both Elena and Lucas changing course.

Lastly, a little rant. What’s with the title? This didn’t feel like a triangle until near the end. Is it supposed to be she is Romancing His Rival except she wasn’t doing the romance? It’s certainly not he is Romancing His Rival. Ugh. I am obviously overthinking this, especially when I don’t think we’re really supposed to analyze it, but, I’d rather it said something cheesy like: Elena’s Awakening or Let It (HIM) Go.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



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