Just Dance, a Poem

This fun (well it was fun for me to write hopefully for you to read) poem was written for dVerse where we are instructed to take three games from the list and use them in a poem. In typical form, I violated the rules and decided to make most of the poem game titles. If you’d like to join in, visit dVerse here.

I may try a more reasonable/ruly entry later. 🙂

Just Dance

Guitar Heroes will Candy Crush

your Farm Heroes to the Borderlands

where there’ll be Fallout for Best Fiends

while you have Words with Friends

donning a Halo, claiming

Life is Strange while talking Destiny, Doom

And Call of Duty. Your Final Fantasy

Angry Birds –perhaps starlings?–

while being Bejeweled with a Dragon’s Crown

forever searching the skies for falcon Space Invaders.

Sascha Darlington

17 thoughts on “Just Dance, a Poem

  1. Ohhhhh I was clipping along, admiring all the games here….and then stopped and laughed out loud at “angry birds” and then cringed thinking of the movie Birds and the knowledge of how some of those scenes were shot with the female star. She was really abused physically and psychologically and came out of the filming terribly affected.
    Good write…..had never thought of the game Angry Birds like that though. Ugh.

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