Crazy Love, A Flash Fiction

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Crazy Love

Invincible. I’m in love, crazy love.

My sister, Jen, mocks me. “Who this time?”

“No one you know.”

When Jose begs off two consecutive nights, I trail him but uncover no answers. I crave his kisses on my neck. I sear.

After midnight, I’m awakened by Jen shimmying down the drainpipe, which sways like it’s hanging by a screw. She drops into Jose’s arms. His lips trace her neck.

The next day after Jose says he has plans, I ask, “Are we okay?”

“Yeah. I got stuff.” He doesn’t meet my eyes.

“Me, too.” Mine involves a screwdriver.


Sascha Darlington

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    • In one of the original iterations I had a line saying that Jen was a boyfriend thief, but I thought it might come across that a week later Jen has taken up with Jose. Maybe it’s too subtle. And, no, you’re right. Jose is to blame as well. Thanks for your input, Alice. 🙂

  1. What kind of sister does that?
    What kind of boyfriend does that?
    I think they both deserve a little twist of the screwdriver. Ggrrr …. betrayal and infidelity.
    Great story, Sascha. You got my emotions to rise. 😊
    Isadora 😎

  2. That’s ‘crazy love’ indeed. Although she’s certainly been provoked to her act of craziness. And I love the flat tone in which she delivers her killer line. Well built story.

  3. Me thinks Jose has a nasty surprise coming this way. Loved the concise language, especially “I sear.”

    You left a nice comment on my story, which I somehow deleted instead of replying to it, so I wanted to say thanks!

  4. This was an intriguing read Sascha. It offers many possible scenarios. At least she did not want to become involved in a Lorena Bobbitt situation in which the offender’s days of cheating are “cut short”. She could also have greased the pipe and placed a large barrel of water at the base. A rather crude awakening for her sole mate. Revenge at arm’s length works best I guess. 🙂

      • I agree with you totally Sascha. Revenge is never the answer. But I was thinking about the notion of the “cold reality” awakening the cheating partner.

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