Garden Stalker and Bunny Squirrel!

Immature Sharp-Shinned Hawk February 2019

Immature Sharp-Shinned Hawk February 2019

This fellow, whom I believe to be an immature Sharp-Shinned Hawk has been a regular visitor to my garden lately. He also doesn’t show a lot of fear of me wielding my camera. On Thursday, he flew after birds while I was putting out seed, didn’t care that I was there, and just swooped after the fleeing sparrows and juncos. His flight was powerful, agile, amazing. He came away hungry that time, but I’m certain that isn’t always the case.

Next, I know that I had been giving you all a lot of photos of my squirrel friends but haven’t recently. With Sophie Stella’s arrival, I was afraid that these tame squirrels might become toys for the always playful girl so I’ve been discouraging the squirrels from being so tame, which is probably in their best interest as well. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t still visit.

In one of my last squirrel posts, you may remember that I showed you pics of a squirrel who’d lost its tail. Well, he’s still around and he’s fast. I’m pretty sure that he has a little squirrel cape somewhere. He literally zooms through the willows in my backyard and disappears the instant I get my camera. I’ve called him Bunny Squirrel.

Today, I managed to get a couple of photos taken with my phone and through the windows of the French door, so I apologize for their quality. But here they are and here he is: Bunny Squirrel!

And, in case you’re wondering, Stalker Hawk doesn’t go after the squirrels. Last year a young one tried and discovered that it wasn’t quite as doable as he thought.

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