Mighty T. Rex Began As Cute, Deer-Size Dino

This one is for all of you dinosaur lovers out there. I do have an objection regarding the headline, which I didn’t write by the way; it came with the article. How can a deer-sized dinosaur that could out-run me and eat me be considered cute? I mean, we are seriously not talking about an infant bobcat.

And, this reminds me of something I read which I don’t think was a joke. Scientists are just a few years away from bringing a dinosaur to life. The response I saw to that was: “Dude, there have been three movies made about why that was literally a bad idea.” (Probably not an exact quote, especially considering my memory.)

That is all on the dinosaur front in the microcosm…because I knew you all were looking for dinosaur stories, especially since I just reviewed Mammoth!

A newfound tyrannosaur species reveals that the mighty T. rex had a small start.
Credit: Jorge Gonzalez/NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Source: Mighty T. Rex Began As Cute, Deer-Size Dino

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  1. Didn’t everything start small? The predecessor to the horse was teeny, and man was much smaller than today. Nonetheless, an interesting article.

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