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The Cowboy Next Door: Includes a bonus novella (Montana Strong Book 2) by [Ryan, R. C.]

The Cowboy Next Door

Montana Strong Series

R.C. Ryan


February 26, 2019

Blurb: After weeks on the trail, Sam Monroe is looking forward to a hot bath, a home-cooked meal, and a real bed. In that order. But he’s greeted by something even better when he opens the door to his family’s ranch house. Seems the new housekeeper is a gorgeous young woman who cooks like an angel and wrangles his family like a pro. If only she didn’t dislike him so much…

Penny Cash is down on her luck, and the last thing she needs is a flirtation with a wild, carefree cowboy. Sure, he’s funny and sexy, but they’re as different as whiskey and tea. And she’ll be leaving town as soon as she finds a full-time teaching position. But when trouble comes calling, Penny will find out how serious Sam can be when it comes to protecting the woman he loves…


Here we are again: A Your Mileage May Vary Review

The Cowboy Next Door by R.C. Ryan is the second cowboy romance I’ve read in as many weeks and strangely it also has a new cook coming in to prepare delectable (again, YMMV) goodies for the ranch and, because of this, invites an immediate comparison between the two. Suffice to say, The Cowboy Next Door pales in comparison to that other romantic suspense, B.J. Daniels’ Stroke of Luck; you can read that review here.

Penny Cash may be the most uptight, judgmental, and overall most boring “heroine” I’ve read in a long time. I can only presume her cooking is just really good for Sam Monroe to have insta-love with her. There are so many characters splashed across these pages that I don’t feel the reader ever really gets a feel for who Sam Monroe is; we are told he is a player and a gambler, both of which Penny disapproves of.

Nothing really happens for 75% of the novel except for dinners, breakfasts, and a few meandering outings. The POV shifts between characters seemingly unintentionally. When something finally does happen, it feels a little like many incidents I’ve read before and coming in at too-little-too-late.

Maybe if the characters had been more than one-dimensional, I would have cared. And perhaps if The Cowboy Next Door didn’t feel derivative, I would have cared more.

So why is this a YMMV review? Because lots of readers love, love, love this novel. I am in the minority. Again, I know we all look for different things in the books we read. Many readers describe this novel as “heart-warming” and “sweet”. As such, I encourage you to look at other reviews if you are intrigued by this novel.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Two butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies

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