Pea Shooter, a Flash Fiction

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers, for which I am not as late as usual. Thank you Rochelle! If you’d like to take part, click here.


Pea Shooter

The old town died little-by-little after the factory closed. The folks with means moved away; those without saved, which took a little longer.

Daddy remained, keeping the market going for folks who couldn’t drive sixty miles to Walmart.

I was there when the fourth robbery occurred. Johnny-Lee, ski-mask pulled over his face, brandished a gun, tried to disguise his voice.

“If you gimme the money, I won’t hurt y’all.”

“Now, Johnny-Lee.”

Johnny-Lee hit Daddy with the gun butt. Blood splattered.

My cheating boyfriend pointed the gun at me. “The money.” A horn honked then the canned peas hit his forehead.


34 thoughts on “Pea Shooter, a Flash Fiction

  1. What a great ending. And a great shift in tone when Johnny-Lee turns nasty. You and I were on similar wave-lengths with our stories this week.

  2. That’s a one-shot, better-not-miss throw. It’s a good thing she connected. I have a feeling Johnny-Lee might shoot out of stupidity.

    I did a robbery story, too.

      1. She should look into going pro. Or becoming a vigilante. The Pea-Shooter. Of course, it’s a small town, so everyone would know who she was right away.

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