Gloomy Days and Sundays

gloomy day

We were supposed to have some snow, emphasis on some, meaning flakes, which would have been an improvement over the damp chilly murk that’s currently hovering over this portion of the DMV. At least snow would cover barely the mud.

Today’s the kind of day where I brew a cup of PG Tips, do some chores and then when I feel the mug, it’sΒ  cold so I nuke it. Half-way before I’m done drinking the tea, the mug is cold again. That’s the kind of day it is, a day bordering on ice tea.

And we’re getting ready for another arctic blast, which will be true for most of the continental US so I suspect most of us will commiserate together with ourselves wrapped as warmly as possible while still possessing the ability to move, unlike a character from one of our favorite Christmas movies:

And further tales of the Gutenberg editor. I’ve given up using it for most of my book blogging for the time being. It doesn’t want to convert html codes completely so I don’t have the ability to edit those bits. The buttons, which I think are really cool, don’t allow the “open to another tab function”, so your reader moves away from your site if they click on one. My feeling is that they should have selected a diverse group of guinea pig bloggers, ones who do more than what this post entails, to try out the different functions before they went live with their blocks. I have literally wasted hours with some of my book blog posts, enough to warrant my returning to the classic model. I guess there are reasons why some things are classic.

It’s now dusky gloom and a little squirrel is facing me on the deck railing while eating a peanut. She’s sitting in the rain probably wondering what I’m doing, thinking man, you could be out here eating peanuts instead of whatever it is you’re doing with that thing. Peanuts, man! Get out of your shell and have some. Gotta love ’em.

I should just call this ramble on…

You all take care! Have a fantastic week!

Sascha D, not eating peanuts but sipping cold tea instead.


9 thoughts on “Gloomy Days and Sundays

  1. Oh, no! I may have to go back and check my links … blast! Thanks for the update, and I hope the sun shines through at some time today.

  2. a good week ahead to you too. i don’t use the new editor it does not like me! i envy the cold and snow, it’s way up in the high 80’s here. i recall one winter my lamb chops frozen as i sat eating in front of the TV…LOL! stay warm and safe!

    1. I think I would not mind the cold too much if it weren’t for walking the dogs late at night in it. It’s so bracing that you are instantly awake, which would be fine if I didn’t want to go to sleep. πŸ˜€

      1. yes the cold can do that! it kept me awake when i needed to on my trip, so i did not lose my way. LOL!

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