If a Troll Were a Pixie, a Poem

For this evening’s dVerse, Frank asked us to write a quadrille using the word “troll.” It just so happens that the novel I finished reading today (you can read my review here; it’s a wonderful novel so I’m happy to share) included a woman who referred to internet trolls as pixies, which got me wondering what would happen to trolls if they were called pixies. Pixies sound a wee bit less intimidating than trolls. So imagine my surprise when tonight’s word was “troll.” 🙂

If a Troll Were a Pixie


Would trolls be con-troll-ing

if termed pixies instead?

Would fairy dust and tiny wings

amend their angry disposition?

Would their behavior alter

to fluttering instead of guttering

or gutting by change of name?

Could they would be

mischievous than evil,

smirking than sad




Sascha Darlington

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