Pack Your Suitcase for Aventine

Ahhhhhhh….the first story was like pulling teeth. Or it could be because my brain is on pollen. Ha!

Strangely both suggested songs, Another Suitcase in Another Hall and Aventine, inspired this story. Thanks to Anne J and Kate!


Pack Your Suitcase for Aventine

The door closed behind Louis with a sharp snap. Jane should be sad or mad but instead was relieved. Her mind visualized the sneer that transformed him into someone else, someone lesser than the man she’d fallen in love with. She hadn’t seen that man in months, and she hadn’t been herself in just as long

She made a cappuccino, leaned against the kitchen counter and stared at the postcard Alexis had sent from Rome. “Come to the Aventine!”

When the postcard had arrived, Jane had toyed with the idea of going to Italy, joining Alexis in her vagabond caper, but as quickly Jane had put the postcard on the fridge and forgotten about the notion. Until now.

What was stopping her? She’d seen Louis’ true colors and didn’t like what she saw. She had weeks of vacation.

She could almost hear Alexis prodding her. “Get packed. Get a move on. What good’s having a passport if you don’t use it?”

Jane paused only for a moment as she set her suitcase down, turned to lock the door, her key hovering at the lock while she wondered if she was being stupid, impulsive, irresponsible and then suddenly found that she no longer cared.


19 thoughts on “Pack Your Suitcase for Aventine

  1. Love it! I like how you’ve written a story inspired by a song 🙂

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing All the A’s

  2. I love how the songs’ mood also reflected in the theme of the story, and how you incorporated them into your narrative. I can’t wait to see what you have ready for tomorrow :).

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