Day Three: Conjunct Collaborative Citizens

Hey, Writers.
Karina Renee is writing some thought-provoking and interesting pieces for the A to Z challenge. Be sure to check a few or all of them out!

Story Anatomies

Out of all the characters in this A to Z challenge, this is probably the type that I identify with the most. Conjunct collaborative citizens are characters that can fit into at least two separate worlds and as a result fit into no world completely.

They can work as spies, working toward the fall of a regime or as bridges trying to forge mutual understanding. More than any of character type I’ve noticed, juxtaposing a conjunct collaborative citizen hero/heroine and a villain can create dynamism in stories.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Departed, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Us.

Juxtaposing Spies

Collin in The Departed and Billy also in The Departed are two examples of conjunct collaborative citizens. Billy grew up with divorced parents traveling to two different sides of the tracks on the weekends and switching his accent to fit in. Although the majority of his family…

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