Scout Update, 4/21/2019

Well, the news as far as the biopsy was excellent, but poor Scout had to have five teeth removed, which I’m a little upset by but figure it’s not worthy of a rant, not when it’s all said and done.

I spent Easter with my brother and his wife. Despite all predictions that it would be a miserable, slightly chilly, rainy day, we had a great day with sunshine and warm temps. It was really nice to see family and catch up as it seems we don’t frequently have the opportunity

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and Easter, if that’s part of your faith.

Lastly, you would not believe how kind Sophie Stella was to Scout. She missed him all day on Wednesday when he was at the vet and then has been so attentive since he’s gotten back. For anyone who believes that dogs don’t have emotions or feelings, I probably have to contradict you. I don’t know that she was feeling love, but she was feeling affection and worry. She definitely feels.

And, as for Scout and his e-collar, I’ve kept it off most of the time. He’s amazingly, really amazingly good, about respecting: “no, don’t do that.” He stops licking. I think because the one time he did it, I put the collar on. That freaks him more than anything.

Thank you to you all who sent good wishes and such. My faithful companion goes on.

Hugs and good night!

10 thoughts on “Scout Update, 4/21/2019

  1. I’m glad he’s doing better. Five teeth! Yikes! Is that on one side of his mouth, upper and lower? Just wondering how that affects his eating. Poor thing.

    1. Yes, most of them on his left side in the back. I’m not a happy camper because he gets a checkup every 6 months….but this could go into the rant that I don’t want to do. He’s doing okay and that I’m grateful for.

  2. So pleased about the biopsy result.
    I believe dogs do have feel love and companionship. I saw it when my GSD died and the collie pined.
    As for the teeth, ah. Sympathise there too. Maggie has never been a chewer and so far has had three professional dental cleans. With the first, a front tooth fell out so they didn’t feel they could charge extra, with the next they thought she’d lose a tooth but it was OK, and the last time, another fell out. She slops her water about a bit, but otherwise is doing OK. Hope Scout doesn’t find it too painful to eat. Did you get some antibiotics too?
    Hugs and bikkies (soft) by proxy.

    1. Yes. We started him on antibiotics 7 days before the procedure and then continued for 3 days after. Today is the first day of non-soft food. I may brush his (remaining) teeth although with him that may not go over so well…he might go into hiding. Thanks, Di! πŸ™‚

      1. We tried cleaning Maggie’s teeth, even buying chicken flavoured toothpaste (it stank!). We gave up after two attempts as she just wasn’t having any and finally found some chew sticks she liked, so she has one of those every day.

  3. So happy to hear the biopsy report was good news! We once adopted an elderly greyhound who had to have most of his teeth removed when we brought him home. We kept his remaining teeth clean with anti-plaque wipes – they’re more gentle than a tooth brush and he found his daily clean really soothing. Please give Scout a big pat from us all and we wish him a speedy recovery πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ• xxx

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