And then it was “Z.”

I chose The Cranberries, “Zombie” for the final song and the ending to the A to Z Challenge. The night before last I spent time a lot of time looking at what “Zombie” was about and discovering cover versions. (It’s amazing how few lyrics I pay attention to when it comes down to it.) It was also sad to revisit Dolores O’Riordan’s death. What a talent and voice!



You bring them into this world, feed them, clothe them, teach them right from wrong.

You explain looking both ways before crossing the road, to avoid strangers, to be kind and thoughtful, to help those in need.

You pray each day that you have provided everything they’ll need to live a good life, a meaningful life.

You never consider gunshots or bombs that will make all of your teachings irrelevant and remove your heart from the world.


Sascha Darlington

9 thoughts on “Zombie

  1. Shortly after her death, this song came on the radio. I love to sing along to it. On this day, I just couldn’t. I got so choked up.

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