Just Call Me: Invisible #amwriting

Edited to add: Argh. I haven’t really been out of my routine that long and yet I forgot to put in any kind of intro! πŸ™

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PHOTO PROMPT Β© Roger Bultot

Just Call Me: Invisible (100 words)

I’m invisible, not Ralph Ellison-invisible, but the invisible that occurs when a woman turns 50. Even now, I’m sure you don’t see me sitting in this car outside the bank. At first, I was miffed, but then Connie and I discovered the silver lining.

Connie dives into the back seat. β€œGo!”

I nonchalantly drive away.

β€œHow much did you get this time?” I ask.

β€œA few million.”

Visible, I had morals. Invisible, Connie and I are multi-millionaires.

Over mojitos we laugh as a police spokesperson says: β€œAvailable video shows no unauthorized person entering the bank vault.”

Invisible even on tape.


Sascha Darlington



35 thoughts on “Just Call Me: Invisible #amwriting

  1. Oh so funny! I am seriously liking the unexpected turn of your recent writing. Wanna rob a bank???

  2. A fun and unexpected twist on this prompt. I guess we really don’t look at who’s sitting in a car parked among many other cars. Hiding in plain sight. I can’t quite figure out how Connie didn’t trigger anyone on the video, though. Maybe she’s just very good at looking like she knows what she’s doing πŸ™‚

  3. Great story, Sascha. If you think 50 is invisible, try 60 or over. I was well over 60 the last time I went to the U.S. The guards at one of the airport exits didn’t check my purse. That was some years ago. It might be a different story now. I hope so. πŸ™ — Suzanne

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