I Have Become Judgmental aka Life in a Litigious Society

My character flaw began when I opened my new toaster and saw that it came with warnings: Do Not Operate Near Water. The same thing was on my hair dryer box, meaning don’t blow dry your hair in the bathtub.

This plastic bag is not a toy, do not children or pets play with it.

Do not iron clothes that are being worn.

Do not drive with sunshield in place

Today, I was going through a bit of paper clutter, found an insert that came with my camera:

Warning: If the shape of the plug does not fit the power outlet, use an attachment plug adaptor of the proper configuration for the power outlet.

Which I translated to mean: don’t force the plug into the outlet.

Last week, I had some yummy frozen appetizers from Whole Foods that I was going to pop into the oven. I read the instructions and see this:

Remove from box. Remove plastic wrapping.


I may have rolled my eyes.

I realize that many young people have not been taught how to cook but aren’t some things basic common sense? How have we reached the point where we need a list of instructions beyond cooking temperature and time on a box of frozen quiches? I forgot to note whether it said that the quiches will be hot when removed from the oven . . .



Footnote: While the above is intended to be funny, don’t sue me if you weren’t amused. πŸ˜‰



16 thoughts on “I Have Become Judgmental aka Life in a Litigious Society

  1. I thought it was delightful and I have rolled my eyes when I saw examples similar to yours. Good grief are people that stupid? That ill-informed? I mean seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! It just seems logical, doesn’t it??? But I suppose there have been so many frivolous lawsuits they don’t or can’t take the chance. Sheesh!

  2. In regard to removing plastic wrap, it may seem obvious, but there are foods that are cooked in their wrappings, like frozen veggies. And, it’s been awhile, but I think frozen dinners are nuked with the plastic wrapping on (aren’t the?). For the rest of it, better safe than sued. πŸ˜‰

      1. Sorry, I guess I just assumed microwave–must not have read it carefully.

  3. My favorites are the ones on things like lawn mowers where it says do not attempt to use to trim hedges with the giant circle with a slash through the middle graphic of a person grabbing the base of the mower (where the blade would be spinning). Or glass cleaner warnings about not spraying in your eyes. Yes, they seem ridiculously obvious, but they are, sadly, there for a reason.

    1. OMG. Didn’t know about the lawn mowers. I have seen about not spraying things in your eyes.
      Yes. I suspect there is someone at companies whose job it is just to think of all the things that can go wrong or what someone could possibly be convinced to do. I mean, considering that people eat Tide pods…

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