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It’s a gentle sound, this rain, like an innocuous percussive triangle shimmering in afternoon light.

We’ve been told not to venture out, to be certain the rain droplets have no way of seeping in.

We are hostages to diseased weather, left to us by our parents and their parents. So many nonbelievers selfish in their abuse.

Everything’s poisoned, the trees, the animals, the air. In moments, we will also be, our homes a transient sanctuary.

Web extends his palm, showing four red capsules. The poison will be a worse death than these. We swallow them with fake chocolate milk, clasp hands, and wait.


Sascha Darlington




11 thoughts on “Rain

  1. This is a stark piece, Sascha, and it gets the message about future generations across. It’s made more powerful by the contrasting image of the rain in the intro. I’d like to write something amusing, but when I think about climate change, I need to open a wine bottle.

    1. Thanks, Steve. I am all for an open bottle of wine.

      On a serious note, as long as there are people who state that people who believe in climate change are “sheep,” the road to change just seems uphill.

    1. I saw a piece in the NY Times today that gave me pause. I just wonder how long it will take for people to realize climate change is real and jump on the wagon (or the ark) with the rest of us.

      1. Yes.And the report put out by the UN today on the impending extinction of so many species. I also heard on the BBC that warthogs are soon to be on the endangered list. Warthogs!! When we visited Kenya in the 1990s they were everywhere. But so were Giraffes and now they are endangered. This has happened so fast. I sometimes feel quite despondent about it and then resolve to take some sort of action if not for me then for my grandchildren!

      2. Until the majority cares, I don’t know what can be done. I don’t know if that’s defeatist thinking or being rational. In the US, so many environmental protections have been overturned in the past two years with the threat of more. Regression certainly doesn’t help.

      3. I hear you. We are not doing much better up here in Canada. But today I got an email from the Council of Canadians and they announced the New Green Plan . I also saw some protest marches on the evening news that were all about the New Green Plan. I am going to investigate it. It may not work but at least it is getting some coverage on the news. That has to be a start.

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