Guest Post: Author Molly E. Lee

Molly E. Lee’s latest novel, Ask Me Anything, is being released this week.

Ask Me Anything is about a teenage hacker at a private academy who’s incredulous over the school’s dark ages approach to sex-ed, so she decides to take things into her own hands.


You can look for my review later today. (Review spoiler alert: I loved the book!) In the meantime, the microcosm is so lucky to have this guest post by Molly E. Lee. Welcome, Molly!


Empowering role models in Molly Lee’s life whether real, fiction, or a combination.


What a wonderful and equally hard question! I’ve been lucky enough to have a variety of role models in my life, or people who have shaped me into the woman I am today.

My first influencer was, naturally, my mother. Growing up, we always had an open-door policy—regardless if we agreed on certain topics or beliefs. She wouldn’t shy away from any question and she never chided me if the question I asked was well beyond my years. Honesty was a huge deal in our house—both my parents agreed that they would rather I be honest with them about what I was doing or what I was thinking rather than try and sneak around (high school parties or getting color streaked through my hair lol) I knew that if I was straight with them, they’d be entirely more open and understanding than if I had tried to hide things. And it was what made me comfortable coming to either of them with any given problem. Amber’s parents in my upcoming Ask Me Anything have a great

Molly E Lee Author Photo

Molly E. Lee

deal of my own parents in them. They are incredibly understanding and supportive and I know not every kid is lucky enough to have that in their life. And I feel it is so important when parents take the time to develop that strong communication with their children because it forms this incredible sense of security that is sometimes hard to find among peers. Knowing that I had a solid foundation to come home to made the sometimes-cruel days of high school easier.

I had a couple of amazing professors along my school career as well—those creative writing teachers who saw something in my work and encouraged me to push harder, dig deeper, and never stop writing. Their early belief (even in those terrible first pieces lol) helped me continue when a career in writing seemed impossible.

I think it’s equally important to mention those people who taught me and shaped me in different ways. I think we all have that one person in our lives that treated us so horribly that it took something monumental to shake us out of it. I had an experience like this, in my teenage years, that lasted entirely too long. But, someone came into my life (my now husband) and helped show me how to value my self-worth and own who I was. We were best friends long before we were romantic and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without him. It took that darkness to discover the light and even if I had a do-over, I wouldn’t change a thing…except maybe meet him sooner 😉

Lastly, I have to say that books and the joy of reading had a tremendous impact on my life. Reading was always an escape when I needed it, a friend when I was alone, a map when I felt lost, and a grounding agent when I felt like I was spiraling. Those authors who inspired and continue to inspire will always be close to my heart. As will each new one I discover along the way.

I’m so grateful you had me over today to chat! I hope you’ll enjoy ASK ME ANYTHING when it releases on May 7th! Be sure to check out the EPIC giveaway I’m hosting in celebration of its release! Spoiler alert—there is a laptop up grabs!!!


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