Review of The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

And we’re back with another vegan and instant pot cookbook and this time they’re combined! This cookbook comes from vegan food blogger Barb Musick who can be found at That Was Vegan?



The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

Barb Musick

Rockridge Press

May 14, 2019

BlurbThe Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook is your jam-packed, fully-authorized guide to vegan pressure cooking. Brimming with 101 mouthwatering whole food recipes meant to satisfy every palate, this book also features complete and detailed instructions to help you master vegan pressure cooking.

Filled with useful tips and tricks for vegan pressure cooking, this book shows you how to keep your Instant Pot clean, why pressure cooking is great for vegans, what accessories you need in your kitchen, how to avoid common mistakes, and more.

The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook includes:

  • FRESH AND TASTY RECIPES―From Maple Morning Millet to Chickpea Kale Korma, savor 101 healthy, plant-based vegan recipes―no processed substitutes needed.
  • EASY INSTRUCTIONS―Take the guesswork out of vegan pressure cooking with instructions that use exact Instant Pot settings, including the Porridge, Slow Cooker, and Sauté functions.
  • MASTER YOUR PRESSURE COOKER―Get the most out of your Instant Pot thanks to feature guides, maintenance instructions, handy shortcuts, and more.

The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook gives you vegan pressure cooking without the pressure.

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So, I still have not bought an Instant Pot®. I think I’ve been waiting for complete proof that one would be useful for me. I have a small kitchen (which is stupid considering that I love to cook) with not much counter/storage space so do I really need another gadget? Thanks to Barb Musick’s The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook, I may just be convinced.

I love that Musick offers lots hints and thoughts on using the Instant Pot® before ever presenting the recipes. If you’re new this gadget, the suggestions and warnings will be beyond helpful.

As for the recipes, most of them seem very tasty and I’m especially appreciative of the number of southwestern recipes since I’m a fan of chiles, beans, cilantro and, well, the whole cuisine. I was less fond of the ubiquitous sweet potato. As I mentioned in another cookbook review in the past year, I like sweet potatoes…infrequently. Unlike white potatoes, sweet potatoes are…well…sweet. The longer you cook them, the sweeter they become and in a savory dish, that’s just not what I’m looking for. Not that they don’t have their place in something like Caribbean pepper pot (that recipe is not in this book, btw) in which the heat of Scotch bonnets and the sweetness of the potato mesh.

The sections on the bean recipes and the rice recipes won me over. These are dishes that I can imagine cooking over and over and using an Instant Pot® for. These are the staples of the vegan/vegetarian diet and Musick has made them healthy and tasty.

There were recipes that I’m not certain an Instant Pot® is useful for, particularly salsa. I’m a purist with regards to salsa. Veggies should be cut, combined, and served with no cooking so that the salsa tastes fresh. Likewise, I wasn’t enamored with the mushroom gravy, which I do make from scratch and find that long sauteeing of the mushrooms creates the flavor without adding a bunch of other ingredients beyond flour or cornstarch and broth and maybe some tarragon. 

Many of the breakfast recipes and other recipes incorporating tempeh, I want to sample and possibly add to my rotation. These sound delicious and considering the amount of protein would be welcome addition.

I also need to try the Cashew Sour Cream.

I highly recommend The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook if you are a vegan and have an Instant Pot®. If you’re on the fence as I have been, this cookbook might just convince you to get an Instant Pot®. I’d also recommend this for Instant Pot® owners who are looking to add more meatless meals to their rotation as well.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


4 out of 5 butterflies

6 thoughts on “Review of The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

  1. Hmmm. I’m tempted.. both re/ the vegetarian and the instant pot. But I can’t imagine adding one more appliance to my full kitchen. The title of the cookbook, by the way, is a bit misleading. Do you suppose that was intentional?

    1. I definitely hear you about adding another gadget. Re: the title…I’m not sure what you mean. I would have left out “complete,” personally, but don’t know if that’s what you are referring to.

      1. I thought it was going to be about vegetarian cannabis recipes! I thought how original, given the number of states now legalizing.. Ha.

  2. I have a pressure cooker (is that an instant pot?), but I don’t think veggies (save for maybe potatoes) really need this type of cooking. I find the slow cooking of a crock pot does a better job lof blending flavors without turning veggies to mush. But, whatever is on the cover (looks kind of like lasagna) looks really good. Thanks for the review.

    1. Instant pot is a new type of pressure cooker that has other options to it like being a slow cooker, rice cooker. You can sauté and other things. Why I think it would be handy is how quickly it can cook dried beans…but again, I have managed a long time without one. 🙂

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