Music Monday: Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver

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My second earworm Music Monday posting. This is what happens when you hear a song again that you haven’t heard in years and then it just keeps playing in your head. In this case, it’s “Fall to Pieces” by Velvet Revolver. Velvet Revolver is mostly Guns ‘n Roses with Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.

The video for this song upsets me, particularly because its depicts what will eventually, years later, be Scott Weiland’s death. The video is well done, nevertheless. The song is poignant and painful and melodic, a power ballad. In it, I can see ways in which Weiland aspired to emulate David Bowie, one of his idols.

Wiki describes the song as this: “The song’s lyrics are about then lead singer Scott Weiland‘s battle with heroin and its toll on his relationship with his wife, model Mary Forsberg.”

There are three videos below. One is the original stylized video which is wrenching, the second is an acoustic with Velvet Revolver, and the other is a live performance with Myles Kennedy singing and Slash.

Every time I’m falling down
All alone I fall to pieces
Every time I’m falling down
All alone I fall to pieces

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2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver

    1. Yes! If you have a chance listen to “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots. His voice sounds very different but just as excellent. And, yes, Slash is probably in the top 20 guitarists of all time.

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