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Dogs in Origami

Nick Robinson

May 15, 2019

Dover Publications

Blurb: No two dogs are the same, and this winsome collection of canine origami models offers a fun-filled variety of pooches, each with a distinctive personality. Twenty original designs include such familiar breeds as a hound, a bulldog, and an Alsatian as well as plenty of lovable mutts. As with most origami projects, these figures allow for a virtually limitless number of variations — with a little tweaking, you can customize your origami dogs to give them unique characteristics.
Along with step-by-step directions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and links to video tutorials, each model features a full-color image of the finished dog. Projects are rated according to difficulty by means of a one-to-five paw rating, and a brief introductory chapter explains folding techniques and suggestions for how to choose the most appropriate origami paper. In addition to your own pack of playful pups, you can create charming handmade gifts for friends and family.

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I’ve never done origami before…today. Yes, so that I could give an hands on review, I tried origami!  So this assessment/review is strictly from a novice point-of-view.

This book is marvelous. The introduction discusses types of origami paper and showing folding techniques. The patterns have a paw rating: one paw is the easiest to five paws, difficult.

Each pattern has a step-by-step presentation that is probably markedly easier if you have experience, but for the two easiest ones, I did okay. There are patterns for many breeds of dogs as well as dogs whose heads move and there’s even a pooping one for all of those you who might get a kick out of that sort of thing or have a friend who does (we all do). There’s even a dog bone.

I loved seeing how each pattern was worked in a number of differently colored and patterned papers that showed off the design. Some of the dogs looked so regal in their chosen paper.

Also, having paper with a white underside would come in handy with this book as the directions take that into consideration.

Now I can tell you that this is not a beginner’s book. The reason why I was attracted to it was, of course, dogs! However, if you already do origami this would make a lovely addition to your library. For you dog lovers out there, this might be a fun reason, incentive, and opportunity to learn origami.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


dog origami

Here are my first ever origami attempts. (Don’t laugh!) On the left is the minimal dog and on the right is the dog head. I have a dog body, but it’s too small as I only had one size of paper and was too lazy to start cutting…and then redoing the head. 🙁



4 butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies



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  1. Wow. I’m laughing because I can’t quite believe there is a book on this. Talk about a niche market. 🙂
    And leave it to you to find it. Atta girl!

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