Press My Buttons–Finish the Story

Thanks so much to Tamnay Jain for including me in this collaboration and it’s his prompt that I begin with. And what an interesting prompt, which I thought I would have nothing to write about. Haha!

Tanmay Jain is a blogger, book reviewer, writer and bibliophile from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has been reading books since he was a child and hasn’t stopped since. He started his first blog in 2016 and since that, after many unsuccessful attempts at managing a successful blog, he landed on his current and most successful blog, Scion of Society. Tanmay dabbles mostly in fiction writing but sometimes wanders off to poetry, book reviewing and writing tips. He is an editor for his school magazine, X-rays. He’s a teenage writer, aspiring author, and a budding blogger.

Here is the prompt he provided us with: There was something extraordinarily ordinary about murder that people just didn’t get!

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Press My Buttons (100 Words)

Everyone’s capable of it. Everyone. You put them in a particular set of circumstances, press their buttons, and you have a murderer.

Stand back and wait as every one of their neighbors says the same thing, “Not her. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. She saves animals, for goodness sake.”

The news reporter, who’s heard this all before, probes, “Has she been stressed lately?”

“Not her. A smile every day. She baked brownies for us just yesterday. There’s some mistake.”

There’s no mistake.

That miserable man hit Malibu, my ancient golden, with a tire iron. Her yelp and falling over: my button pressed.


Sascha Darlington

3 thoughts on “Press My Buttons–Finish the Story

  1. I was thinking about this prompt only yesterday and I realized anyone can be a murderer if given the right motivation.
    Loved this take. Especially the beginning. Sounds almost lyrical.

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