New Day

Moonflower by Sascha Darlington

How had she gotten so lost? All the dark bitterness churning inside her like acid eating through her stomach, damaging her good thoughts, ruining her joy.

Would she have known if the sun weren’t echoing off the evergreens, if the wren didn’t chirp, hop, search for bits of peanuts left by the squirrels, or if the air didn’t embrace her, reminding her that happiness just needed adjustments. Mental adjustments she possessed.

There was no better starting point than now.

Sascha Darlington


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  1. The here and now, also the Buddhist place to start. And awareness of what is happening on the inside. I try to appreciate being alive; sometimes it’s hard to focus on the joys of the world, but maybe simply trying brings some benefit. Of course, if it’s alligators, it’s probably best to keep running while experiencing nature. An enjoyable piece, Sascha

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