Do You Hear That?

…well, not quite.


Sandbridge Beach photo by Sascha Darlington


You can’t quite yet hear the ocean waves rumbling against the shore.

I am off to Sandbridge, (Virginia Beach) Virginia tomorrow. As the name would imply, there will be sand, there will be ocean, and there will be Sophie and Scout.

While I believe that Sophie’s first time at the beach was over New Year’s, she didn’t seem too interested nor thankfully threatened by the noisy ocean. I am hoping that she gets a thrill now that the weather has warmed up and that she’ll venture in. Scout has been for the past 10 years and shows absolutely no interest in being anywhere near the waves…although he has gotten closer, not quite paws in water close, but closer.

As for me, I’m hoping to get refreshed, maybe find a happier frame of mind than I’ve had recently, read some fun books, and get some exercise.

If I’m late to respond on comments, please know that it’s because I’m getting ready, traveling, or in the midst of trying to find my bliss. 😉

I’ll probably be posting pics to my instagram if you want to follow: sascha darlington 

I think I am in desperate need of downtime. I hope to find myself, my happy self again. You all be good or have fun…whichever comes first!

Hugs, Sascha



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