Beaching It


This was my view this morning (actually, yesterday morning.) It was a gorgeous day to be at the beach.

Wednesday morning started off with another vet visit. Scout’s voice has been strange since the beginning of March. Recently it’s grown hoarse and at times he sound like a seal. Since my rescue dog Kasey died from oral melanoma, I wasn’t taking any chances in going on holiday with Scout sound unusual. My vet diagnosed the beginning of laryngeal paralysis, which is a disease that sometimes happens to older dogs. Scout is just at the beginning stages. However, it’s just a reminder that my baby boy is getting old. Sometime this year, he’ll turn 13. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, I think going to the vet didn’t help before going on a long journey (although he didn’t eat his cheeseburger on the drive (he split one with Sophie)). This morning he didn’t want to eat his breakfast and then didn’t perk up until this evening (mind you all of this is actually yesterday because I’m writing this at 12:41 am). But this evening, he made my heart glad with his wagging tail and enthusiasm for his meal. Yay, my Scout is back!

As I mentioned in my last personal post, I will be visiting a little less frequently for the next week as I’m on vacation. I’ve posted pics of Sophie, the ever happy to pose ladybug, on Instagram and Facebook. You can see more pics if you follow either one of those pages.

I also want to post about my observations on the Dean Koontz series that I’ve been reading.

Talk to you all again soon!


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