Release–Finish the Story 2

The next installment of Finish the Story 2. This times the prompt comes from Suchita Agarwal. Please see below for her bio. The prompt was: The last thing I remember


The last thing she remembered was fear, how it paralyzed her, and then nothing.

She awoke in the emergency room behind curtains, to the beep of machines. Anxiety gripped her, but she couldn’t understand why. The answer lay just beyond.

Dread rose when she saw the uniformed police talking to the nurse, pointing her way.

She squeezed her eyes closed and then saw his sneer as he mocked, denigrated, lashed out at her verbally and then with his fists. For the last time.

And then it was just her trembling fingers curled around the gun handle. The nightmare real.


Sascha Darlington


Suchita Agarwal

A writer and content creator, Suchita Agarwal believes words are where the magic is. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. She goes by talesofsuchita.


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