Perceptions — Finish the Story 2

Hey, all! Hello from warm and sunny Sandbridge, VA, where the masses have departed and I look at an almost empty beach.


This is my last contribution to the Finish the Story 2, a collaboration organized by Tamnay Jain at Bookinton. Today prompt was suggested by Nideesh Samant (see below for his bio), who you may know better as The Dark Netizen. The prompt is:

A standard corporate boardroom meeting is underway, but the boss has hidden motives…

Release (150 words)

Mr. Harris dodders in. Some of the younger managers grow impatient. Why’s this old fool running a Fortune 50 company? Some of them have been vocal about anarchy. One has gone further.

“Thank you for coming to the monthly meeting,” begins Mr. Harris continuing with pleasantries, which makes Dawson roll his eyes, lean forward and talk into his tablet, “Why doesn’t he just get on with it already?”

Mr. Harris stops. “Someone has stolen a design before it reached patent. Serious business this, serious indeed.”

Now eyes turn to other eyes, most land on Dawson, who suddenly sits straights, shrugs. “What? It wasn’t me.”

Mr. Harris nods. “No, unfortunately it wasn’t the untalented malcontent Dawson, it was Rachel, who I hoped would be the next star of this company.”

Incredulous eyes turn toward the mousy girl in her non-descript grey, who, was evidently more, far more, than they’d ever guessed.


Nideesh Samant

A weaver or short stories, mostly dark ones…

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