I’m Baaaackkkkk!

I actually got back on Sunday night, but it’s not official without an official posting, right?


Sophie, Scout, and I spent the past ten days at Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, VA. The weather was perfect. May is always somewhat iffy. You don’t know if you need a parka or shorts. A lot of that is dependent on the ocean temperature and the winds blowing from it. But this time it was perfect. Like Camelot, the rains only came after sunset.

The vacation did what it was supposed to do. It made me feel better. Before I left, I was feeling lost, depressed, sunken. I won’t say the change happened overnight but nearly. I don’t think I’ve ever needed a vacation more. I am thankful.

a cup of tea and a view

I walked on the beach, on the road, sipped tea and read on the deck. Friends visited. Beer was drunk. Outings to restaurants and breweries were done. To say I felt renewed would be an understatement.

For the past 20 years, VA Beach has been my home away from home. vbstrong-stickerMost people drive slower (than home), are kinder, and generally look out for each other. Last Friday hurt the community but in the following days, people pulled together. I wrote a post before I could actually see that happening. I know the community will be strong.  As stories have emerged, so have the heroes. My thoughts have been with all of those who lost their lives and their families who must carry on without them. I just hope that we all, even the righteous gun carriers, learn something–although that hope may be futile. 

On the last full day at Sandbridge, we went through the process of putting our beach house up for sale. As you probably know from previous posts, I have so many memories attached to it, so many wonderful memories, but the time’s come to start letting some things go. Memories live with you and new ones can be made.

And I have my pups to help me in that aspect.


Even when, as it was time to get them into the car, they staged a bed-protest of: we’ll stay here, thanks.

So, this is us. Officially back. I’m hoping that the vacation will have some lasting effects on my emotional state. So far, so good.


4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaackkkkk!

  1. Kind of sad. Sounds like a wonderful place to be letting go of. But I know how that goes. Is that a pic of a cactus? I had no idea you had cactus. Love the pics of Scout and Sophie. Welcome back.

    1. It’s a wonderful place. We don’t have cactus, but neighbors do. Even here in Alexandria, which I tend to avoid when walking the pups. I don’t like when cactus are near the street. They aren’t good for doggie paws. And, thanks. I wish I could say that I was happy to be back….but at least I get back to my blog…and gardening and….look forward to my next beach trip. ha. 😉

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