Near Rhymes #amwriting

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PHOTO PROMPT © Valerie J. Barrett


Near Rhymes (42 words)

Jean loves the adjective “perfunctory.” It describes how her stepmother makes tea. In fact, it describes her stepmother.

“Defunct” is another adjective she loves, a near rhyme, and now, as she wipes the blade clean, a word that definitely describes her stepmother.


Sascha Darlington



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  1. Assonance, says Rita in “Educating Rita”, is when you get the rhyme wrong. There was not only assonance in this but dissonance too, Chilling!

  2. Yeah, tea should be made with flair. Put some funk in it. Boring tea maker = boring tea. You have to just kill them and find someone better. What else is one to do?

  3. Will she be using the knife for eating or chopping vegetables in future I wonder? I hope it wasn’t damaged whilst rendering her stepmother defunct. Great piece of writing, which I enjoyed reading. Best – Kevin

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