A Little Less Drama

“A Litte Less Drama” was written for dVerse where Kim is asking us to write a quadrille using the word “fret.” If you’d like to join in, click here.

We’ve had an afternoon into evening of thunderstorms so the inspiration came naturally.

Sophie (c) Sascha Darlington
A Little Less Drama

Do not fret, little one
as storm clouds transform
afternoon to night.

You lean your furry face
upon me, comfort-seeking
liquid eyes imploring
as thunder resounds,
torrents tumult
much needed rain.
Your skeptical eyes ask:
Can rain not descend
with a little less drama?

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  1. I love the storm clouds transforming afternoon to night, Sascha, and the alliteration in โ€˜torrents tumultโ€™ conveys the sound of a sudden downpour. I enjoy the drama!

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