You Ain’t Goin Nowhere

bang head here

Today was a misfire.

First, the dogs had to go to the vet. Sophie needed all of her injections and Scout needed to get blood work to check on his kidneys. (Why are kidneys spelled kidneys and not kidnies?)

I got home, fixed another cup of tea because, really, how can one survive on one cup of tea, settled down to work and beep, beep…the power went out. The power stayed out  over six hours and the temps were in the low 90s, not exactly the kind of day you wanted to not have air conditioning on, especially with hairy dogs.

Unfortunately because I work at home, I didn’t work. 🙁

So for my unscheduled sick day I read, or tried to read. Have you ever read a book that just made you want to bang your head against a hard solid object? It’s not because the book is bad, but it’s tedious. I keep wondering why did she write that? Why did she do that? Why is she involving all of these other characters? Why is she writing from this tertiary character’s POV? Do readers really like this?

Again, unfortunately, both of my ongoing books are like that. I agreed to read these two books for book tours so they will be read.

This too shall end.

Today wasn’t a bad day. I grew up in a house without air conditioning and kept reminding myself of that. It’s always good to go back to your roots. Heh.

And tomorrow always has the possibility of being better, much better.

7 thoughts on “You Ain’t Goin Nowhere

  1. Days like that are miserable. We had all of our windows replaced last summer on the hottest days of the year and followed that up with our AC gasping its last breath just a couple of days later. I love open windows and fresh air, but not if it feels like you can swim through that air.

    1. Yeah. I opened the windows, there was a breeze, but when it’s 91 and humid, it doesn’t help. Fortunately I’ve got some trees around which helps. We need to get our windows replaced…and the bottom AC. I’m hoping it will last the summer. fingers crossed.

  2. Because “kidnies” looks weird. 🙂 I grew up without AC, too, but the houses were built differently back then–better insulated with high ceilings and attics to trap the heat. We also had fans (ha).

    1. We had trees and no neighbors who wanted to chop them all down. Yep, fans. We got by. I got by. I’m not sure that just being in a brick house (geez…did that just summon a song? 😉 ) did a significant amount of change compared to siding and insulation. Not in DCs temps and humidity.

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