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“No News” was written for Carrot Ranch where we were asked to write about “waiting.” Click on any of the links to take part.


No News (99 words)

Some wise sayings, like no news is good news, are easily refuted. Take the fact Mom called Dad three hours ago to say she’d been hurt then nothing.

Aunt Cici calls everywhere. Urgent care. Hospitals. Police. The morgue. She doesn’t mention this last one, I just happened to see it among her outgoing calls.

We wait. Not a single one of the seven people in this room believes no news is good news.

Dad hopes for a miracle text.

Aunt Cici searches for another number.

I gnaw over the last ugly exchange Mom and I shared: I despise you.


Sascha Darlington

4 thoughts on “No News #amwriting

    1. Thanks, Charli. I was in Virginia Beach at the time of the shooting, which wasn’t far from where I was staying (not that I was in any danger or anything) but there was something about the proximity and then seeing the people who died and their relatives that has stuck with me. I’ve written about it twice now. Probably many more times before I release it, if I can. Many thanks.

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