You Have Booming Stats!


Oh, yes. Bloggers love to see that little notice show up, but what does it mean when you can’t account for it? Those booming stats are not linked to one post. My thought is that they are some type of spam. So I’m reaching out to those of you computer knowledgeable/internet knowledgeable who might know the answer.

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The last time it happened, it was legitimate. A famous author actually loved one of my reviews. I was chuffed because that was in the first few months of me being a blogger.

Today as of 11:46 pm, I’ve had 1,222 views most directed at my “about” page and archives. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything to warrant these visits…haven’t flagrantly disregarded some secret handshake…or said Beetlejuice three times or claimed to be a space alien…yet.) The “likes” have not been quite as generous…just saying.

I’m also positive that these views don’t actually help my blog in any way. So, all of you computer gurus who know what’s what, what can you tell me?

I extend much appreciation for any guidance! Thanks.

Sascha the Mystified.

5 thoughts on “You Have Booming Stats!

  1. A lot of times a spike like that can indicate that your site recently got crawled by bots, most often after you’ve done some sort of update to your site and/or the static pages (like the about page). This isn’t always the case, but it is when I see it most often. I’m pretty sure if you are on a plan that allows for Google Analytics, you might be able to see where the traffic is coming from. I quit looking at those numbers a long time ago because they rarely ever mean much.

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