Here Comes Camp Nanowrimo and I’ve Lost My Sense of Humor

Camp NaNoWriMo

Yep. I’m doing Camp Nano but I’m not sharing it with you all (that sounded stingy, didn’t it?). Did I hear a sigh of relief after last November’s NaNoWriMo torture novel? No, can’t possibly be. 😉

If you were around at the beginning of this blog and for a couple of years after, you know I liked to write funny. I LOVED to write funny. But I feel like that’s gone and probably because I’ve mostly been feeling depressed and let me tell you that’s it not easy trying to write funny when you’re sad. I have no idea how Robin Williams did it…without coke and, no, that’s not to insinuate that I’m doing coke. I haven’t even drunk one in about 5 years…and that probably had rum in it.

So, my plan is to write a romantic comedy, which feels like, right now, it might be a romantic tragedy or maybe even redrum written 50,000 times in red ink in comic sans if I take a shining to it (ha, ha….tell me in the comments if you got that reference and if you’re following a book blogger you better have 😉 ) So many winks tonight, what’s with that? (She’s probably just trying to be funny…go with it.)

Anyway, I thought maybe if I wrote it here…that in 2 days I’ll be writing the lesser than great American novel that I might just be doing that so I don’t lose face…did anyone see that movie with Nicholas Cage, btw?

Also, if I keep writing posts like this, please forgive me if you hate them because I’m trying to be funny, locate that big ole bone in the elbow that hurts like the dickens when you bang it, and maybe find myself again in the process.

Here’s hoping that Sascha finds her funny writing.

Til mañana, all! Sweet dreams filled with your favorite things!


5 thoughts on “Here Comes Camp Nanowrimo and I’ve Lost My Sense of Humor

  1. Good luck! Whenever I’m in a creative slump, sometimes doing something completely different and out of the box is just what the muse ordered. Hopefully this will help.

      1. That is better than me on most every day. Seems I have to have a really crazy dream to be able to write anything other than a blog post.

  2. Yep. “murder” (The Shining) and Face-off with Cage and Travolta. Maybe watching some comedies will help. Or Downton Abbey. An hour there and I forget everything. 🙂

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