Review of The Peach Truck Cookbook


The Peach Truck Cookbook

Jessica N. Rose and Stephen K. Rose

June 25, 2019


Blurb: A warm and stylish Southern cookbook, from the owners of the beloved Nashville-based The Peach Truck, celebrating all things peach in 100 fresh and flavorful recipes.

When Stephen and Jessica Rose settled in Nashville, they fell in love with their new city. Their only reservation: Where were the luscious peaches that Stephen remembered from his childhood in Georgia? Amid Nashville’s burgeoning food scene, the couple partnered with his hometown peach orchard to bring just-off-the-tree Georgia peaches to their adopted city, selling them out of the back of their 1964 Jeep Gladiator in Nashville’s farmer’s markets. Since starting their company in 2012, Stephen and Jessica have attracted a quarter of a million followers on social media and have delivered more than 4.5 million peaches to tens of thousands of customers in 48 states. With The Peach Truck Cookbook, the couple brings the lusciousness of the Georgia peach and the savory and sweet charms of Southern cooking, as well as the story behind their success and an insider’s guide to the Nashville food scene, to readers everywhere.

From first bites to easy lunches to mouth-watering dinner dishes and sumptuous desserts, The Peach Truck Cookbook captures the Southern cooking renaissance with fresh, delectable, orchard-to-table recipes that feature peaches in every form. Whether you’re craving peach pecan sticky buns, peach jalapeno cornbread, white pizza with peach, pancetta, and chile, or peach lavender lemonade—or have always wanted to try your hand at making a classic peach pie—Stephen and Jessica have you covered. Many of Nashville’s most celebrated hotspots and chefs, including Sean Brock, Lisa Donovan, and Tandy Wilson, have contributed recipes, so you’ll also get a how-to on cult menu items such as Burger Up’s Peach Truck Margarita. Also included is a pocket peach education—as Jessica and Stephen take you through peach varieties, best harvesting practices, and everything you need to know to have a peach-stocked pantry.

Full of character and charm, The Peach Truck Cookbook is not only an essential addition to the peach-lover’s kitchen, it will bring the beauty of summer to your table all year round.

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Note: While I’ve been trying to bring you all reviews on vegan and vegetarian cookbooks as well as interesting fusion cookbooks that contain a lot of vegan and vegetarian recipes, The Peach Truck Cookbook is going to be an outlier. Most of the 100 recipes in this cookbook contain meat or fish and sometimes fish sauce, although the ubiquitous dash of bacon could easily be omitted.

I love peaches. At this time of year, hot days abounding, I always think about my childhood and fresh orchard fruit like cherries, nectarines, and peaches. Last year while visiting a winery  on Knott’s Island, NC, we did a wine tasting and one of them was peach. It tasted like summertime in a bottle. So I bought a bottle, which is still sitting on the wine rack, waiting for that right occasion when a taste of summertime is needed.

When I saw The Peach Truck Cookbook, I thought I have to read that cookbook because: PEACHES!!!!!

Besides being a cookbook, The Peach Truck Cookbook also talks about Nashville, some of the best restaurants as well as other things that a visitor might enjoy when in Music City. Also, the Roses discuss how The Peach Truck came to be, which, long story short, was because it was hard to get good Georgia peaches in Nashville.

Of the recipes, my favorites were the breakfast recipes, the coffee cake and muffin recipes. I’m considering the omelet recipe with peach although I’m not quite there yet. One thing I’ve grown fond of is the use of herbs with fruit, the idea of peach and basil. And then, peach and burrata and basil…I’m still pondering the tomato there. I’ll get there. I can’t forget the sticky buns that incorporate peaches and pecans…two of my favorite things in the world.

There was only one main course vegetarian recipe with peaches. As one would imagine, for main course dishes, peaches frequently pop up in the sauces or as a variation of salsa.

Of the desserts, the one that would be high on my list to try was the bourbon peach bread pudding, which sounds like a decadent dessert New Orleans-style.

Other section include sides and drinks. Bourbon and peaches–oh, yeah!

The last section includes recipes for your pantry such as jam, peach pickles, and a peach hot sauce. All things that make you go yum.

Most of the recipes were accompanied by a picture, except for a couple of the ones I really wanted to see, one of which was a peach puff pastry dish. However, my electronic copy was not always formatted correctly so perhaps the final edition might have those pics.

I’d highly recommend this for peach-loving omnivores, not so much for vegetarians, although you could manipulate the recipes. Beyond Meat is doing some crazy things with fake  meats, like sausage, that could easily be incorporated. For vegans, I’d recommend you glance over your friendly omnivore’s copy at the salads and sides (brussel sprouts!), because there isn’t much for you here.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


4 out of 5 butterflies

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