Tonight, Tonight! #amwriting

I want to thank all of you who give your comments on my writing without reciprocation. I’m still working through things and am striving to be better about returning comments. I really hope to be there soon. Thank you.

“Tonight, Tonight” was written for Friday Fictioneers.



Tonight, Tonight! (99 words)

For cripe’s sake. What century are we in? They were writing about this crap in the 1930’s. Think Katharine Hepburn’s character in Stage Door. All the calla lilies and nonsense. No no-name is going to flourish on Broadway regardless of her daddy’s money.”

Oh, I’ve read the comments, but I’m here despite Daddy’s money and despite Daddy.

From the first moment I heard “Tonight” in West Side Story when I was fifteen—in the before time—I knew I would be Maria.

My voice is haunting and ethereal, definitive on playback.

I am Maria. It’s the wheelchair they/me despise.


Sascha Darlington

26 thoughts on “Tonight, Tonight! #amwriting

  1. Aloha, Sascha, nice piece. I always wanted a daughter so I could name her Maria. Oh, and the preferred term is wheelchair user, rather than wheelchair bound.

  2. Sascha, such a sad story. That’s the hell of prejudice, you can be the most talented, hard-working, dynamic individual out there, but your PERCEIVED flaw, based on ignorance, toxicity, etc. excludes being appreciated for all of your wondrous attributes. You told this story so well.

  3. It just takes one brave soul to act on her / his dreams despite perceived barriers, and others will be inspired to follow. Well told.

  4. A great story, Sascha. Well written. They’re taking older stories and making all types of remakes these days. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be exactly the same as the first stage play. Given time, Disney will probably do it with or without death. Disney did “Old Yeller” and the dog died. That’s life. A handicapped Maria is entirely possible. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I would love to see a version of Old Yeller where the dog lives. But are Disney princes allowed to die? Would Tony qualify as a Disney prince? hmmm. 😀

      1. My son asked me some years ago had I noticed that all Disney princes were generic. I guess someone at Disney brought that up as the princes started to be more distinguishable. They used to all look about like Ken in the Barbie dolls. The poor guy was just there to be Barbie’s date. He wasn’t all that important. 😀 — Suzanne

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