Blue Jay Sunbathing

Last week, I saw a blue jay sprawled on the deck, its wings spread out, beak open, eyes closed, and my heart leapt to my throat. I figure that something had attacked him.

Maybe he was still alive? I opened the door and suddenly he righted himself and took flight, thus introducing me to the practice of blue jay sunbathing.

Today I witnessed a blue jay posed in the same way, unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture with his wings out. Nevertheless, the pictures I did get would make you think the poor little guy was ill and not experience birdie nirvana.


To each bird his own.

11 thoughts on “Blue Jay Sunbathing

  1. Oh that is too funny! My first thought would have been that it flew into the door or window (happens way too often around here) and he ways just stunned. Glad he was okay!

      1. LMAO I went to see your site and found the direction to the other site and when my son saw it he asked, “is that a ransom note”? lmao too funny!

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