June Wrap Up

I did say that since I started doing the WWW Wednesdays that I would no longer do end of the month wrap ups because I thought there would be too much overlapping. Since I’ve been so bad about keeping up with WWW Wednesdays, doing a wrap up seems warranted…justified….? 


june wrap up

The beginning of June found me in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA. If I had my druthers (as well as ample disposable income), that’s where you’d still find me. Alas, I’m here in sunny Northern VA, where it’s 89°F, a light breeze, and the calls of the catbirds and grackles mingling with the clack of my keyboard. A lazy Sunday, indeed, and a beautiful summer’s day.

On the Writing Front

I can’t say that June was extremely prolific for me. It took awhile after vacation to get into writing and participating in my favorite prompts. I did get a few Friday Fictioneers’ flash fictions written, one Carrot Ranch, and a couple of dVerse haibuns and poems, as well as some freeforms.

Looking forward, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for which I’ll be writing a romance novel. I hope to get 50,000 words written, but the nice thing about Camp NaNo is that I it’s not as stressful as November because you set your own goal and keep even change it early on. Also, I’m going to once again get back into the groove of submitting some of my work for publication. I’m long overdue on that score.


At least in the book world, I didn’t fall down (but going on vacation just means you read more fun books, right?). I did 14 book reviews in June and this doesn’t count a couple of DNFs that I couldn’t power through nor want to power through. If you’re intrigued about those you can also look on Goodreads. One was traditionally published and one was Indie, which just goes to show…something…I’m sure.

Here are the books I reviewed:

My favorites were The Right Sort of Man by Allison Montclair and The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen.


Upcoming Reads


July is going to be the month that I have the opportunity to catch up on my reading of old and new ARCs since I have not signed up for a lot of upcoming ones. Yay! 

I’m hoping to love July!


4 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

    1. It was a very good month. I’ve heard a lot of readers say that this has been a bad year for books, but I haven’t found it to be so. Let’s hope it continues! 🙂

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