Day 1 of Camp NaNo Check In


On Sunday, I thought a lot about how I’d start my NaNo novel. I figured the most important first step would be the meet-cute and frankly I was at a loss. I Googled meet cutes and read about some fun ones and then devised my own. At around 12:07 am on July 1, I started writing and ended up with 1108 words. During the day when I had some free time, I added about 300 words, not great, but nothing to sneeze at. (How did “nothing to sneeze at” ever become a phrase?!)

By the way, I’ve decided this is book one in a 3-part series and this is an enemies to lovers stories, which is not my favorite trope, by any means, and I wonder if I shouldn’t have saved a heroine who may be my favorite for a better trope, but then maybe it’s better to use a favorite for a least favorite trope to ease my way.

Okay, I’m sure that qualified as babbling. Must be time to turn in.

Have a great Tuesday!

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