Human Automatons

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Human Automatons

“Well done, Matthews,” Bullrich’s blustering voice booms. “You’ve succeeded in creating human automatons.”

Matthews sighs. “Yes, sir.”

“Why the long face? You’ve done what you set out to do.”

“Look at them, sir. It’s sad.”

“Sad? How so?”

“They have all of this beautiful world around them they don’t see. They don’t notice things changing. They can’t think for themselves. They’re afraid to be by themselves without their electronics. They’re shells, sir.”

“Don’t go idealistic on me, Matthews. Automatons are much easier to control. A few subliminal messages sent and the world’s ours.”

“A lonely place, sir.”

“It’s been lonely for a long time.”


6 thoughts on “Human Automatons

    1. I don’t know what they’re going to do with anomalies like you (and me; I’ve got a cell phone but have not yet been convinced my life revolves around it).

  1. I recently learnt that my camera can receive calls and link on the internet… But I still use it mainly for pictures… LOL

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