Clarification on Rejected! Post


I want to thank you all for sending encouragement to me. One of the super things about this community is the level of support that everyone shows each other.

Regarding my Rejected! post, this was a case of my writing not clearly enough (which I do far more often than I should). I meant to say that this was the first rejection of this year because it’s the first thing I sent out this year.

I’ve been sending my work out off and on for the past 20 years. I’ve had a few things published but have received far more rejections. What I’ve realized is that getting published is perseverance and work and also knowing your markets. While you wouldn’t send a genre piece to The New Yorker, you wouldn’t sent a literary piece to a romance publication unless there was romance in it.

And I’m guilty of that last one on this most recent rejection. I didn’t study that publication before I submitted.

So one more thing that I’m going to add to my to-do list is become familiar with fiction markets once again, especially the ones that take flash fiction. As I do, perhaps I’ll share here if anyone is interested.

If you’re in the States, Happy July 4th! A belated Happy Canada Day to my northern friends! And Happy Thursday to everyone else! Cheers!

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