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I’ve just watched several episodes of Killing Eve, the second season. The story, the characters, and the plot are brilliant, but the thing I came away with was: you can’t write scared. This show shows so much character and vulnerability and sensuality. I feel the emotions of the characters on my skin.

You have to let go of your emotions and not worry what your audience will think about you because you don’t matter. You are merely a conduit. My best writing occurs when I don’t think about you. When I don’t care what you’re going to think. Unfortunately that’s infrequent, because I’m like so many souls out there.  I want you to like me.

That doesn’t make for good fiction though.

The best character I’ve ever written on this blog was Mouse and I let her go uncensored.

I was going to attach a “maybe” to this sentence, but not. It is the way to go. Let yourself go. Write for yourself and your characters. Write like no one is watching.

Write like no one is reading. Write uncensored.

The best writing advice I could ever give.



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