A Bad Poem about Deciding to Be Happy #amwriting

The pictures clockwise from the top: rose of sharon bloom with a bumble bee inside; lantana with raindrops; Scout the Faithful Companion; and Sophie, hoping the thunderstorms go away!

A Bad Poem about Deciding to Be Happy

Serious words echoed in my head

mad, sad, focusing on the bad

so easy to do

so much around

everyone’s bound

angry about something–


making things up

as if there weren’t enough real

to enragingly reveal

I decided they can keep their drama

made up trauma while I focus on happy

sappy, laughing, smiles

like flowers in the rain

precious pups

and hope.

And, it’s okay if you tell me:

“You just don’t get it,”

because, really, I do.

I’m choosing not to.

Sascha Darlington


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