Princess Koala at the Kingdom Diner #amwriting

Princess Koala at the Kingdom Diner was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

Princess Koala at the Kingdom Diner

Small town America. Ya gotta love it. I try to, although they don’t understand me or my humor.

But he gets me.

From the moment he strode into the Kingdom Diner, his motorcycle boots heavy on the wood floor, and settled on a stool, his crystalline blue eyes searing through me, I knew.

“What can I get you?” I asked.

He grinned the grin of a kid with an ice cream cone.


I nodded.

“Koala cutie.”

I bristled.

“I love koalas,” he added as if that would solve everything.

Arms across chest, I glared.

“Can I start over?”


Sascha Darlington

For some reason I pictured this guy like a Metallica-kind of guy. When I brought up Metallica love songs, I was tickled pink by this discovery. Metallica singing “Love Is All Around!” And if you’re a Love Actually fan, you can substitute Christmas, if you like. 😉

8 thoughts on “Princess Koala at the Kingdom Diner #amwriting

    1. I think you can defend koalas. I mean….KOALAS! They are the spokescritter for Qantas. They are cuddly (except when they scratch or bite). They are the definition of Australia. Or I could be all wrong. 🙂

      1. Well, maybe. I’ve never really been close to one, for the reasons you mentioned and others. I have to say that, with a few exceptions, most Australians I have met are not cuddly. Mind you, they do say that the exception proves the rule.

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