Fix One Thing, Break Another


I’m taking part in the 24-hour short story contest that I mentioned as a market yesterday, which is why I’m here writing a blog post. πŸ˜‰ I wrote the story in my head while I cleaned the kitchen earlier today and then I wrote it on the computer, which was much harder than in my head. Now, I’m cogitating, trying to think of something amusing to add to it. My funny bone is still capricious–bothersome thing. Can you replace or reboot your funny bone?

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my site because I’m stupid so I could see what it would be like to have access to all of these plug-ins and other things. Yep, I am nerdy like that. I didn’t actually start playing with said plug-ins until this week. Indeed, it took me two weeks to get up the nerve to start breaking my blog.

And break my blog, I did. In numerous ways that had me crying sobbing talking to the support guys. Things adjusted themselves. I tried to do a “search” on my own site, which I do frequently because in three years I have made 3,336 (soon to be 7) posts and search is just easier, and only retrieved the most recent post. I “searched” for Scout and he was no where to be found. Scout?! [more sobs]

I fixed the few things I could figure out how to fix (the search issue was one of them–I learned how to hit the index button!) and the support guys, bless them, fixed the others: “[sob (of course they heard that through typed-in chat)] I can no longer access Gutenberg although the button’s there taunting me.”

I’m learning by trial and error, literally. I think it will make me crazy numb more learned in the long run.

  • Earlier this week, Mother Nature tried to make Washington, DC float away. She was minimally successful.
  • I received good news about being accepted into an anthology, now I just have to write the story. I’ll share specifics soon.

Hopefully you all have had a good week! I’ll leave you with Norah and “Summertime.”

15 thoughts on “Fix One Thing, Break Another

  1. I love Nora Jones! Fell in love with her sound the first time I heard her πŸ™‚ As for the rest, you are a pro. You write beautifully and I love reading what you write. I am enjoying the ongoing monologue that makes up your life. It’s quite often touching, funny, delightful and shows how strong you are because you continue on undaunted! Love that about you! Your awesome.

      1. I speak from the heart and observations. You are truly wonderful. I look forward to reading your blog every day and always eagerly await what you have to offer and what’s on your mind. Love that.

  2. Website/blog issues are always some of the worst to deal with. I like to change things up because I like things to feel new and fresh, but I learned a while ago not to mess to much with the blog because one little change can jack so many other things up. If I were self hosting, it would be a different story as I’d have the ability to do a lot of testing before actually messing with the live site, but I don’t have that option with the way I’m set up now. That means very few, if any, changes get made. Glad you are getting it worked out!

      1. I like it when I can get into the back end of things to make adjustments, but when I’m as limited as I am here, I just don’t like to mess with it too much. I do have access to the CSS, but I haven’t dug into it yet.

      2. It’s probably still easier to use Google. Most of what I’ve learned about the bits and pieces I know are almost all from Google or the forums for whatever software I was working on.

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