Another One Breaks or Busts

The title is to be sung to: “Another One Bites the Dust.” If you want an earworm, I’ll post the video after this update.

Thank you to Di, who noted that there was no longer any way to share my posts, which I hadn’t noticed. (There is a theme here, I’m sure.) I now have a plug-in for that. (Heh, it’s kind of like there’s an app for that…well, my dears, there also appears to be a plug-in for that! I’m totally psyched to see what else there are plug-ins for that I can download and break more things! Woot!)

You can now share my posts all over the place…I think in about 100 places…who even knew there were so many places where I could annoy people? 😉 Please, test them out. Start sharing everywhere. Ha.

This is an update to Fix One Thing, Break Another. Or an Addendum. Probably the later. 😀

And, as promised: your earworm.

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