I Cannot Participate #amwriting

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

I laughed. Sort of.

It was a sad sound.

The world is dissolving around us and they are worried about commemorating some historical devastation. I care. I honestly do. I’m sorry that bad things happened in the past but…

But I want to point out that Greenland is melting.

I don’t want to point out that polar bears are dying because that makes me go fluid.

I don’t want to point out that my country is full of bigots and extreme ugliness.

I don’t want to point out that countries are warning against going to America because we use (and happily allow) automatic rifles to kill masses.

I don’t want to point out that history has its place, but the present is shoving its ugly face into ours and needs to be reckoned with. I’m sorry for the past that I was not a part of. But I am a part of this present, which may be far uglier because it shows that we have learned nothing at all. And there are those who refuse to acknowledge anything at all.

The mockingbird sings

A song rendered from others.

Summer’s hot wind blows.

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